Section 10-054 Special Education Class-Size Caseload Policy

Federal law requires states to monitor class-size and caseloads for special education personnel to ensure that students with disabilities receive a free appropriate public education, including guidelines for giftedness in Kansas.


Special education administration shall develop and review class-size/caseload limits for students with exceptionalities under the following procedures:


*The class-size/caseload formula (CSCL) as developed by the Kansas State Department of Education shall be used as the primary method to determine and monitor the class-sizes and caseloads of school-based special education staff members.


Actual class-size/caseload numbers, which may include the CSCL factor score, shall be used to review data in the special education management information system (MIS).


If the administrative team determines that a significant discrepancy exists, the special education administration shall report the discrepancy to the superintendent and board of education for direction regarding appropriate action.



The timeline established for the review of class-size caseload will coincide with mandated state reports due December 1 and June 1 of each year. In addition, continuous monitoring of the CSCL will be conducted by school teams through the Individual Education Planning process to ensure a free appropriate public education for all students. The school team may include the special education teacher and/or other appropriate staff, building principal, school psychologist, special education administrator, and central office administrator.


*Kansas State Department of Education March 1996 CSCL formula will continue to be utilized to monitor class-size caseloads for USD #263 special education class-size and caseloads. However, the integrated classroom models listed on page 25 of the KSDE March 1996 CSCL formula will be replaced by a reverse mainstream Early Childhood Special Education classroom model which consists of a maximum of 14 children (7 disabled and 7 non-disabled) served by 1 teacher and 2 paras.


                                                                                                Approved by Board  9-8-08