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Mulvane School District USD 263

District Email Addresses


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E-mail Addresses

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U.S.D. 263 Employee E-Mail

Name E-mail Address School / Building
Abasolo, Mike mabasolo@usd263.org High School
Adamson, Amie aadamson@usd263.org High School
Akred, Connie cakred@usd263.org Munson
Allen, Christina callen@usd263.org Munson
Anderson, Candice canderson@usd263.org Munson/Grade School
Ashworth, Mallory mashworth@usd263.org High School
Austin, Glenda gaustin@usd263.org Munson
Bacon, Diane dbacon@usd263.org Munson
Baerg, Ginger gbaerg@usd263.org High School
Bagby, Denise dbagby@usd263.org Munson
Ball, Kelly kball@usd263.org Middle School
Banzet, Kendra kbanzet@usd263.org High School
Barnard, Nichole nbarnard@usd263.org Middle School
Barnett, LuAnne lbarnett@usd263.org Middle School
Bean, Brandon bbean@usd263.org Grade School
Becker, Traci tbecker@usd263.org Middle School
Beckwith, Jeff jbeckwith@usd263.org Middle School
Beikman, Tim tbeikman@usd263.org Middle School
Billingslea, Kendra kbillingslea@usd263.org Munson
Blair, Christiana cblair@usd263.org Grade School/High School
Blake, Diane dblake@usd263.org Munson
Bossard, Mara mbossard@usd263.org Munson
Branine, Amy abranine@usd263.org Munson
Broehl, Lorie lbroehl@usd263.org High School
Brown, Teresa tbrown@usd263.org High School
Brownlee, Jana jbrownlee@usd263.org Grade School
Brunner, David dbrunner@usd263.org Middle School
Burkhart, Suzie sburkhart@usd263.org Munson
Canfield, Brad bcanfield@usd263.org High School
Canfield, Laura lcanfield@usd263.org Munson/High School
Carpenter, Kadee kcarpenter@usd263.org Grade School
Carter, Shay scarter@usd263.org Central Office
Clasper, Jessica jclasper@usd263.org High School
Connelly, Kelly kconnelly@usd263.org High School
Copeland-Baker, Jodie jcopeland-baker@usd263.org Central Office
Cottrell, Fae fcottrell@usd263.org Grade School
Courtney, James jcourtney@usd263.org High School
Cunningham, Kim kcunningham@usd263.org Grade School
Dannels, Stephanie sdannels@usd263.org Munson
Day, Carolyn cday@usd263.org Grade School
Dayton, Shane sdayton@usd263.org Grade School
Dean, Adam adean@usd263.org Munson
Dempsey, Amy adempsey@usd263.org High School
Dieker, David ddieker@usd263.org High School
Dinkel, Linda ldinkel@usd263.org High School
Dorsey, William bdorsey@usd263.org High School
Ellis, Shannon sellis@usd263.org Grade School
Enlow, Kody kenlow@usd263.org Middle School
Ensley, Jay jensley@usd263.org High School
Entwisle, Katie kentwisle@usd263.org Grade/Middle School
Evers, Doug devers@usd263.org High School
Fenn, Ashley afenn@usd263.org Middle School
Fennewald, David dfennewald@usd263.org High School
Fitzmaurice, Elizabeth efitzmaurice@usd263.org Middle School
FlisramBrandi bflisram@usd263.org Munson
Florio, Jessica jflorio@usd263.org Munson
Fox, Randy rfox@usd263.org High School
Garcia, Sarah sgarcia@usd263.org Munson
Gerber, Trish tgerber@usd263.org Grade School
Gilbert, Carla cgilbert@usd263.org Central Office
Gilbert, Kara kgilbert@usd263.org Middle School
Gowdy, Tammy tgowdy@usd263.org Middle School
Greer, Raquel rgreer@usd263.org Grade School
Gutzmer, Christy cgutzmer@usd263.org High School
Hackley, Vickie vhackley@usd263.org High School
Hampton, Richard rhampton@usd263.org Central Office
Haney, Rachel rhaney@usd263.org Munson
Hankins, Jennifer jhankins@usd263.org Munson
Hansel, Denise dhansel@usd263.org Munson
Hansen, Josh jhansen@usd263.org     Grade School
Hansen, Nick nhansen@usd263.org High School
Harting, Joyce jharting@usd263.org Central Office
Hays, Candace chays@usd263.org Grade School
Headrick, Kim kheadrick@usd263.org Grade School
Headrick, Kyle kyle.headrick@usd263.org High School
Heath, Lance lheath@usd263.org High School
Heck, Tempe theck@usd263.org Munson
Heckhart, LaShelle lheckart@usd263.org High School
Hensley, Andrea ahensley@usd263.org Middle School
Hilgers, Vicky vhilgers@usd263.org Middle School
Humphries, Julie jhumphries@usd263.org Middle School
Huss, Becky bhuss@usd263.org Middle School
Huss, Ed ehuss@usd263.org Middle School
Ihnken, Tabatha tihnken@usd263.org Munson
Innes, Linda linnes@usd263.org Munson
Jacobs, Katie kjacobs@usd263.org Munson
Jansen, Rachel rjansen@usd263.org Middle/High School
Johnson, Anna ajohnson@usd263.org High School
Julius, Linda ljulius@usd263.org Central Office
Just, Kyle kjust@usd263.org High School
Kanaga, Kendra kkanaga@usd263.org Grade/Middle School
Keil, Tom tkeil@usd263.org Central Office
Keiter, Stephanie skeiter@usd263.org Munson
Kerschen, Hayley hkerschen@usd263.org High School
King, Alicia             aking@usd263.org     Grade School
Klaker, Cory cklaker@usd263.org Middle School/High School
Kleen, Neeley nkleen@usd263.org Grade School
Klein, Kendra kklein@usd263.org Munson
Kloth, Rhoda rkloth@usd263.org High School
Kollmeyer, Jesse jkollmeyer@usd263.org High School
Kraft, Bill bkraft@usd263.org Middle School
Kraft, Terasa tkraft@usd263.org MIddle School
Kruger, Eric ekruger@usd263.org High School
Landes, Dale dlandes@usd263.org High School
Landwehr, Katrina klandwehr@usd263.org Middle School
LeClair, Kelly kleclair@usd263.org Middle School
Lien, Katherine klien@usd263.org Grade School
Lyman, Kirsten klyman@usd263.org Middle/High
Maddy, Hannah hmaddy@usd263.org Munson
Mangas, Maggie mmangas@usd263.org Middle School
Martin, Cindy cmartin@usd263.org Munson
Martin, Rebecca rmartin@usd263.org Central Office
Mason, Mickie mmason@usd263.org Munson
Mattley, Mary mmattley@usd263.org Middle School
McCarty, Jodi jmccarty@usd263.org Munson
McClellan, Marjorie mmcclellan@usd263.org Munson
McDowell, Kasey kmcdowell@usd263.org Grade School/Middle School
McGuire, Kim kmcguire@usd263.org Munson (PAT)
Meils, Matthew mmeils@usd263.org Middle School
Metzger, Trevor tmetzger@usd263.org Grade School
Milledge, Shelly smilledge@usd263.org High School
Miller, Linda lmiller@usd263.org Grade School
Mitchell, Jason jmitchell@usd263.org High School
Mitchell, Jessica jemitchell@usd263.org Munson
Morrison, Chris cmorrison@usd263.org High School
Mort, Heidi hmort@usd263.org Middle School
Moses, Jamie jmoses@usd263.org Middle School
Mulryan, Alisa amulryan@usd263.org High School
Mundell, Amy amundell@usd263.org Central Office
Myears, Daniel dmyears@usd263.org High School
Myers, Jesse jmyers@usd263.org High School
Myers, Shelley smyers@usd263.org Grade School
Nearhood, Josh jnearhood@usd263.org Central Office
Nelson, Amy anelson@usd263.org Grade School
Nelson, Steve snelson@usd263.org High School
Newbury, Heather hnewbury@usd263.org High School
Norris, Ashley anorris@usd263.org High School
Parrott, Heather hparrott@usd263.org Middle School
Payne, Rose rpayne@usd263.org Middle School
Perkins, Heidi hperkins@usd263.org Middle School
Phillips, Jennifer jphillips@usd263.org Munson
Phillips, Sandy sphillips@usd263.org Munson/Middle School
Pierce, LeAnn lpierce@usd263.org Central Office
Pine, Mary mpine@usd263.org Middle School
Rahe, Brad brahe@usd263.org Central Office
Ramos, Julina jramos@usd263.org Grade School
Ramsey, Cindy cramsey@usd263.org Grade School
Resa, Kellene kresa@usd263.org Munson/Grade School
Rhodes, Dustin drhodes@usd263.org Middle School
Roderick, Mandy mroderick@usd263.org Middle School
Ryherd, Jeremy jryherd@usd263.org Grade School
Sagely, Angela asagely@usd263.org Central Office
Schifferdecker, Sonya sschifferdecker@usd263.org Central Office
Schmitz, Thomas tschmitz@usd263.org Central Office
Seier, Heather hseier@usd263.org Munson
Shephard, Katie kshephard@usd263.org High School
Simon, Kylie ksimon@usd263.org Grade School
Slayton, Nic nslayton@usd263.org Munson
Sorensen, Lindsi lsorensen@usd263.org Munson
St. Louis, Kim kstlouis@usd263.org Central Office
Staley, Connie cstaley@usd263.org Grade School/Middle School
Steffen, Dyan dsteffen@usd263.org Grade School
Stranathan, Leon lstranathan@usd263.org High School
Swaney, Scott sswaney@usd263.org Middle School
Sweeney, Patty psweeney@usd263.org Middle School
Sweet, William jwsweet@usd263.org Middle School
Tauer, Carolanne ctauer@usd263.org Grade School
Taylor, Sherra staylor@usd263.org High School
Terhune, Lauri lterhune@usd263.org High School
Treat, Teresa ttreat@usd263.org Grade School/High School
Waltrip, Deana dwaltrip@usd263.org Munson
Warren, Lori lwarren@usd263.org Munson/High School
Wasinger, Cindy cwasinger@usd263.org Middle School
Weaver, Tawnya tweaver@usd263.org Munson
Weber, Shelly sweber@usd263.org Middle School
Welsh, Lora lwelsh@usd263.org Middle School
Whisler, Jason jwhisler@usd263.org High School
Wiebe, Bailey bwiebe@usd263.org Grade School
Williams, Robin rwilliams@usd263.org Munson
Wilson, Susan swilson@usd263.org Grade School
Wing, Paula pwing@usd263.org Middle School
Withrow, Tammy twithrow@usd263.org Middle School
Witt, Kassie kwitt@usd263.org Munson
Wolfe, Larry lwolfe@usd263.org Maintenance
Woods, Camille cwoods@usd263.org High School
Woods, Denise dwoods@usd263.org High School
Woolard, Monica mwoolard@usd263.org Middle School
Young, Carolyn cyoung@usd263.org Central Office
Zepeda, Emily ezepeda@usd263.org Grade School
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