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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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Lesson Plans

Please remember that plans do change, so, any announcement in class takes precedent over these notes.

Parents, as you check your student’s grades you might notice an assignment as missing if the there is an * beside it that means that the assignment has either not been graded yet or I have not yet posted it. If there a "0" beside it the assignment has been graded and the student did not turn in the assignment either in class or through the Homework Completion Program and the grade will stand as such. I hope this clears up any questions or misunderstandings.

Parents, due to circumstances beyond our control we will be unable to issue your student a History text book this year. We will be using classroom sets instead. In the event that your student needs a History book overnight they are encouraged to check one out from the instructor and return it the next day. This has all been reviewed in class and will continue to be reinforced. Thank you for your support in this matter.  

8th Grade History/Enrichment  Syllabus

U.S. History Kansas History Standards Copy

U.S. History Standards “Establishing America: 1787-1830s”

Lesson Plans 09.05-09.14

09.05 Passenger List Assessment in class

09.06 French and Indian War Video Hip Hughes You tube, Begin Stamp Act Link

09.07 Stamp Act Cont.;Source and Close Read Doc A In-Class

09.08 Stamp Act Cont.; Source and Close Read Doc B In-Class

09.11 Stamp Act Cont. Doc C, Guiding Ques.

09.12 Stamp Act Cont. Doc C Guiding Quest. Due Grade in Class

09.13 Stamp Act Assessment

09.14 "Boston Massacre Explained"  Keith Hughes Video You Tube/  Back ground Notes Link

09.15 Boston Massacre Image 1 analysis & Image Graphic Organizer

09.18 Image 2 analysis 

09.19 Doc A & Guiding Quest.

09.20 Doc B & Guiding Quest.

09.21 Grade Guiding Quest. In class

09.22 Boston Massacre Assessment

09.22 Doc A&B Sourcing Document Due in Class


Social Studies Enrichment

Current Events; daily news article, questions and discussion, plus a weekly vocab. quiz every Friday

Week 5 Vocabulary Words

 1. Eavesdrop- Listen without the speaker’s knowledge

 2. Hasten- Speed up the progress of; facilitate

 3. Jut- Extend out or project in space

 4.   Pertinent- having precise or logical relevance to the matter at hand

 5. Sabotage- destroy property or hinder normal operations













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