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6th Grade Science

4/23/19   For Weekly and Daily Agendas please click on this link.






Mon - Review hydrosphere in a bottle / Vocab #14 *Due fri w/ quiz*

Tues - Notes: Draw hydrosphere / Bird Research #3 *DUE WED*

Wed - Finish hydros pics / Preview of Nature center presenter

Thurs - Naturalist from Great Plans Nature Center - birds

Fri - vocab #14 quiz / Outside for bird observations


2/26/18   Due to the days off school from the ice last week, we will be making up several of last week's lesson plans

Mon - Grade study guide

Tues- Exam chp 12

Wed - Bird Research #3

Thurs - Hydrosphere in a bottle set up

Fri - Hydrosphere in a bottle observations





Tues - Study Guide for Chp 12 *TEST THURSDAY*

Wed - Grade Study guide / review game

Thurs - Test Chp 12 

Fri - Bird Research #3



Mon - Lab: Unknowns

Tue - finish unknowns Lab

Wed - bird ID quiz #2 / Notes Law of Conservation

Thurs - Polymer Lab





Tues - Reteach vocab or polystyrene lab

Wed - Demo: flame test / Bird Research #2

Thurs - Lab: Law of conservation of Mass

Fri - Bird Research #2 DUE MONDAY*


1/29/18 We will finish phys properties and move on to chemical properties this week. Bird Research #1 is due MONDAY and we will begin the second set on Friday. Bird ID quiz on Tues and vocab quiz on Friday also.

Mon - Review bird ID/ Record MMS species / Make key for phys. properties of seeds

Tues - Bird ID quiz / Notes: chem. reactions / vocab #13 *DUE FRIDAY WITH QUIZ

Wed - Chem reactions demo: flame test / finish vocab #13

Thurs - Lab: Acids and bases

Fri - vocab #13 quiz / Bird Research #2


1/22/18 We are working on Physical Properties this week as well as continuing our Bird Research.

Mon - Vocab Review / finish phys. prop of sharks

Tues - Voc quiz #12 / grade shark ID / Notes: phys & chem & states of matter

Wed - Amazing Elements Race Game

Thurs - Phys prop lab: seed characteristics / Bird Research

Fri - Bird Research *DUE MONDAY W/ ONE WORK CITED*


1/16/18 We will be starting our new long term project : Winter Birds and also starting Chp. 12 which is chemical reactions


Tues - Hand back tests / Begin winter Bird research and binocular use

Wed - Vocab #12 / Demo: physical & chemical properties

Thurs - Phys properties activity: shark ID

Fri - Bird Research



1/8/18  This will be our review week for  our Test on Chp 11, Chemistry! Which is on Friday!

Mon - element, comp, mix activity / finish crossword puzzle

Tues - Notes review (bonding) / Bonding activity

Wed - Study Guide Chp 11  *DUE THURSDAY**  TEST FRIDAY

Thurs - Grade Study guide / Review Game



1/3/18  Welcome Back! We are reviewing to reawaken our brains to chemistry. We do have a quiz on Friday.

Wed - Activity #19 review

Thurs - grade #19 / make model atoms

Fri - Atom quiz / Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle



12/11/18 Last full week before Winter Break! We will be making sure we understand the basic information from the Periodic Table of Elements and then apply that knowledge of elements, molecules & compounds with some labs. *LEAF AND TREE RESEARCH PROJECT IS DUE TUESDAY. WORTH 40 PTS!!*

Mon - Begin Making our own Periodic Table Posters *DUE AT END OF CLASS WED*

Tues - Turn in Leaf and Tree Research Project / Continue working on Period Table Posters

Wed - Notes: isotopes, ions, formulas & compounds / Finish posters and post on wall 


Thurs - Soap Lab: molecules, compounds and mixtures 

Fri - Polymer Lab


12/4/17 - This week we are working on using the Periodic Table and are finishing up our Leaf and Tree Projects *DUE TUESDAY DEC. 12 & WORTH 40 PTS!*

Mon - Drawing Atoms Activity / Ceiling Posters (Periodic Table) / vocab #11 *DUE THURS W/ QUIZ*

Tues - Notes: atoms pt 2 / Finish posters & vocab #11

Wed - Review voc. / Elemental Math Tutorial online / Leaf Research

Thurs - vocab #11 Quiz / Lab: elements, compounds and mixtures

Fri - Leaf Project Research *DUE TUESDAY, DEC. 12* !!!



11/27/17 - We are beginning our new unit, which is Matter and Atoms. We are also continuing to work on our leaf and tree research project on Google classroom.

Mon - Return exam #2 / Vocabulary, chp. 11

Tues - Chp 11 notes & discussion / video: Bill Nye - matter & atoms

Wed - Vocab prequiz / Activity 20: periodic table practice

Thurs- Vocab #9 quiz / Leaf & Tree Research 



11/20 & 11/21/17  THIS IS OUR TWO DAY EXAM OVER UNIT #2 - Measuring



Mon - Measuring and conversion quiz / vocab #8

Tues -  lab: density

Wed - Notes: temp & time / Lab: temperature & time

Thurs - vocab #8 quiz / finish lab

Fri - Leaf & tree research on Google Classroom *DUE DEC 4*



Mon - Notes: density & conversions / pumpkin lab *DUE WED*

Tues - vocab #7 / finish pumpkin lab *DUE WED* 

Wed - Lab: Measuring Mass

Thurs - vocab #7 quiz / Conversion practice *DUE MONDAY & QUIZ TUES*

Fri - Leaf collection & tree research *DUE DEC 4*



Mon - Notes: displacement volume / lab: fluid displacement

Tues - vocab #6 

Wed - Lab: finish fluid displacement

Thurs - Notes: mass / Begin pumpkin lab

Fri - voc #6 quiz / Begin leaf collection



Mon - Lab: Measuring skulls

Tues - Notes; volume / measuring volume practice

Wed - Lab: vol of regular solids & liquids



10/17/17  Welcome to the new 9 weeks! We will be working on measuring length this week.


Tues - Notes: English & Metric units / Lab: measuring room items

Wed - Voc #5  *DUE FRI W QUIZ* /  Finish measuring room items

Thurs - Prequiz / Measure length practice

Friday - Voc quiz #5 / Hummingbird Project Conclusion 



                AND  ** EXAM #1 ON TUESDAY**


10/2/17  We are finishing up our information for the Scientific Method unit this week. Which means our Exam will be a week from Monday! Notice that we have a vocab quiz on Thursday!!

Mon - H. bird data / finish grasses lab and graph *DUE TUESDAY*

Tues - vocab #4  / Graphic organizer for steps of Sci Method * BOTH DUE THURSDAY*

Wed - Scientific Method crossword puzzle *DUE THURSDAY*

Thurs - vocab #4 quiz / Study guide for Exam #1 *DUE FRIDAY*

Fri - Grade study guide / review game  ** UNIT #1 TEST MONDAY**



9/25/17 We are going over the last new parts of scientific method this week. Make sure to ask your students about when they have quizzes and work due.

Mon - H. bird data / Data collection mean, median, mode & range *DUE TUES*

Tues - Notes: analyzing data / begin Graphing 3 examples *DUE THURSDAY*

Wed - vocab #4 (DUE FRIDAY W/ QUIZ)  / finish 3 graphs *DUE THURSDAY*

Thurs - Prequiz / Begin grasses lab

Fri - vocab quiz #4 / finish grasses lab  *Due Monday*



Mon- H.Bird Data / Sink float lab

Tues - Vocab #3 / Monarch Map *BOTH DUE FRI*

Wed - finish Monarch map / Humming bird migration map *DUE FRIDAY*

Thurs - Notes: Prodedure & collecting data / finish maps & color plates

Fri - vocab #3 quiz / Lab: Data collection head circ



9/11/17 This week we are starting our Scientific Method unit. This will include many labs both in our classroom and in our gardens outside. Students must use safe lab practices which they learned in the last unit. We are starting our first long term project which is a Hummingbird Feeding Survey. We will apply all steps of the scientific method during this project.

Mon- Begin hummingbird survey

Tues- vocab #2 (DUE FRIDAY WITH QUIZ) 

Wed- Notes (writing objectives and hypothesis) / quick lab (objectives & hypothesis)

Thurs - Notes (materials and procedures) / variable practice

Fri - voc #2 quiz / hummingbird survey


8/29/17 The first three weeks of science we are learning about Safety in the Lab (which includes both inside and outside lab areas). Students must pass the Safety Quiz with an 80% or better to be allowed to begin lab activities. Students who do not pass the first time, will complete reteach lessons and work on rules that may be giving them difficulty and they will have an opportunity to retake the quiz. Again, the quiz must be passed with an 80% or better  before students will be allowed to participate in lab activities. Students also must sign a safety contract, agreeing that they understand and will follow lab rules, before they are allowed to participate in lab activities. This keeps everyone safe during lab activities, so we are free to learn and investigate our science topics.


8/24/17 Welcome to Team 6A Science class! I am excited to get to know each of the students and begin learning and investigating science together.  I will have a long term substitute teacher for 2-3 of the first weeks, due to a back surgery. Kim McGuire is the substitute; she is a retired teacher from Munson and is also the Parents as Teachers coordinator. She and I are in close contact during the time I am absent. Below is my Strategies for Success and Classroom Rules document, which hopefully by now your student has brought home and you have signed. The students have been excellent about returning papers this year!

Classroom Rules - 6th Grade Science

Ms. Hilgers


Success in my class is accomplished by following these simple rules:



A. Have the following supplies in class EVERYDAY:

1) Pencils (sharpened before class begins) and/or pens

2) Composition Notebook & Science Folder with assignments

B. Students will actively participate in their learning by completing all assignments on time, asking thoughtful questions and contributing positively to class discussions, and working collaboratively with their classmates.

C. Be prepared to think and ask questions



To create a positive learning environment you should treat others the way you would want to be treated. You must display respectful behavior to your peers, your teachers, yourself, other organisms and classroom property. I have zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior. If you are found being disrespectful the school discipline policy will be followed.



I have high expectations for all of my students and I firmly believe that success is a measure of one’s attitude and work ethic, not one’s aptitude. Science can be amazingly interesting and fun!



Anytime that you feel confused, lost, or want additional help PLEASE ASK! You may ask for help in class & zero hour or set up an additional time by contacting me through email or phone.

vhilgers@usd263.org                                                            777-2022



_____________________________                               ______________________________

Parent Signature                                                                   Student Signature








Mon - Finish Faults Foldable / vocab #18

Tues - Grade Faults questions / Discussion and begin Tectonic Map Puzzle

Wed - Finish Tectonic map puzzle

Thurs - Puzzle Due / Vocab Quiz #18 / USGS Earthquake map

Fri - Germination Observation and Journal / Flower or Vegetable Garden Research




​Tues - Return Tests video Convection Currents

Wed - Seed Germination and Garden Journals

Thurs - Notes: Convection Currents / Lab: Convection Currents / Begin Faults Foldable

Fri - Notes: Faults /  Finish Lab / Work on Faults Foldable *DUE TUES*

3/27/17 Geology and the Earth's layers will be out topic this week. We will also be continuing with our Biospheres and hoping they were in a good balance over spring break

Mon - Biosphere journal

Tues - Journals / voc #16 *DUE THURS W/ QUIZ* / Earth's layers / begin layers model

Wed - Journals / E. layers foldable model *DUE FRIDAY*

Thurs - Journals / voc #15 quiz / complete  E. layers foldable and investigate rocks and minerals

Fri - Turn in layers foldable model / Spring Planting?




3/13/17  This is the last week of the nine weeks! All make up work must be turned in for them to to earn any points. Biosphere projects must be ready to be constructed on Monday, or students will be assigned book work to earn points in place of the project. Hope to see you at parent teacher conferences!!

Mon - Approved Biosphere Plans DUE / Biosphere construction and materials and method write up. Begin journals

Tues - Atmosphere notes / tweek biospheres / journals

Wed - Biosphere journals / O2-CO2 cycle & N2 cycle drawings from biospheres * Due Thursday*

Thurs - journals / finish cycle drawings or enrichment DUE TODAY*

Fri - NO CLASSES / Parent Teacher conferences


3/6/17 We are using all we have learned about the interactive systems of Earth to design a self-sustaining model of an ecosystem within a container. Students will brainstorm, design, plan and build a mini ecosystem with the goal of it being self-sustainable for at least two weeks. Students may use materials provided in class, or may bring materials from home. All plans must be approved by the teacher before construction begins. *This project can be 100% constructed with gathered materials from the classroom, nature and recyclable materials from home. IT DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY MATERIALS TO BE PURCHASED AND I WOULD RATHER THEY NOT BE.*

Mon - Cycle Drawings Due (water, oxygen, carbon dioxide & Nitrogen) / Finish Protist lab / Begin brainstorming 

Tues - Brainstorm individually & then in groups / Research verified sources for building closed ecosystems / Begin plans

Wed - Prequiz: water cycle / Plan materials and building of ecosystems *PLANS MUST BE APPROVED BY INSTRUCTOR BEFORE CONSTRUCTION BEGINS*

Thurs - Rework plans for approval / begin construction

Fri - Quiz: Water cycle / Rework plans for approval / begin construction *APPROVED PLAN DUE BY END OF HOUR FRIDAY*


2/27/17 This week we are working on understanding the water, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen cycles on earth.

Mon - Bird Field Guide #3 DUE / grade water cycle simulation / vocab #14

Tues - Bird ID quiz #3 / outside observations of four sphere of Earth

Wed - Discuss & draw water cycle / O2, CO2 & N2 cycle videos

Thurs - Discuss nitrogen & carbon/oxygen cycles and draw

Fri - Voc #14 quiz / Protist investigation / Brainstorm designing a self-sustainable system in a bottle


2/20/17  Our new unit starting this week is on Earth's systems. We begin with the Hydrologic (water) cycle. We are also finishing our bird research for our Field Guides.


Tues - Return tests / set up Hydrologic Cycle Simulation

Wed - Observe changes & processes in the Hydro. Cycle simiulation; *questions due Fri*

Thurs - Bird Presentation by Amanda Alessi, naturalist at Great Plains Nature Center

Fri - last day to research for Bird Field Guide *DUE MON*


2/13/17 We are finishing up chp. 12 this week with a test on Thursday.

Mon - Finish chemical reactions labs and 2 pgs of Bird research

Tues - Study guide for Chp. 12 exam *DUE WEDNESDAY*

Wed - Grade study guide / Review Game

Thurs - Exam Chp. 12



1/30/17 This week will contain labs on physical and chemical reactions.  We will finish our research for Bird Field Guide pt. 2 which is DUE MONDAY FEB 6th. There will be a vocab #13 quiz on Thursday or Friday

Mon- Vocab #13 DUE THURS W QUIZ / hypothesis for acid & base lab

Tues - Acid & Base lab / bird research

Wed - Testing Unknowns lab

Thurs - voc quiz #13 / Notes: chem reactions formulas / interactive chem formulas

Fri - Bird Research for pt. 2 *DUE MONDAY 2/6/17*


1/23/17 We are working on physical and chemical changes this week. We also will begin our Bird Field Guide part 2.

Mon- Bird Field Guide #1 DUE / bird quiz / shark dichotomous key by phys. properties

Tues - ID seeds by physical properties

Wed -  Notes: Physical changes / Make Dicot key of seeds by physical properties

Thurs - Notes: Chemical changes / Demo of Chemical change examples

Fri - Research for Bird Field Guide pt. 2


1/16/17 We are working on physical properties this week and finishing our Bird Research for Field nGuide #1


Tues - Return tests / vocab #12

Wed - Finish research on Birds Pt. 1 *DUE MONDAY* 

Thurs - Voc quiz #12 / Practice online dicot key with fish

Fri - Review for bird quiz on MONDAY / Periodic table game



1/9/17  We will finish up Chp 11 this week with our test on Thursday.  Mon-wed will be spent on review activities. We will be continueing our Bird Field Guide research also and recording what species we see in our garden area.

Mon - Activities games: -mixtures & molecules  -standup/pair up chemical bonding

Tues - Chp. 11 Study Guide *DUE WEDNESDAY*

Wed - Grade & correct study guide / Review game

Thurs - Exam for Chp. 11

Fri - Winter Bird Research



1/3/17 Welcome back this week! We will spend some time reviewing and then pick up with Chemistry where we left off. We will also begin our next Long Term Research Project, which is Kansas Winter Birds.

Wed - Reivew Activity over using the Periodic Table / Last day to turn in make up work

Thurs - Review Molecule notes / Act #21-Building Molecules

Fri - Begin KS Winter Bird research for Field Guides


12/5/16  We will be continuing our Chemistry study this week, after putting together our Leaf Project on Monday. We have a Voc quiz Thursday and an atom quiz Friday.

Mon - Put together and turn in Leaf and Tree Research Project

Tues - Vocab. #10 *DUE THURS W/ QUIZ*  / Activ. #1 (using the Periodic Table)

Wed - Notes chp. 11 / drawing atoms  / online atom game

Thurs - vocab #10 quiz / building atoms with clay

Fri - building atoms quiz


11/28/16  Welcome back from the holiday! We are beginning Chemistry and Matter this week. This will be Unit #3. We also will have our last day to work on our Leaf and Tree Research Project, which is DUE MONDAY, DECEMBER 5.

Mon - Hand back and discuss graded Exam #2 / vocab #9 *Due WED with quiz*

Tues - Discuss the Periodic Table and learn basics / Bill Nye video on chemistry and matter

Wed - Vocab #9 Quiz / Notes from chp. 11 or Ceiling Posters of periodic Table

Thurs - Last Day to work in class on Leaf & Tree Research Project **DUE MON, DEC. 5**

Fri - Rock with the Shocks Basketball Field Trip


11/21/16 Super short week because of Thanksgiving! We will being using both days to complete our Unit #2 Exam.

Mon - Unit #2 Exam

Tues - Unit #2 Exam



11/14/16  This will be our last week learning and reviewing all our measuring skills. We will have a study guide on Wed, which is due Thurs. STUDENTS SHOULD STUDY THEIR STUDY GUIDE TO PREPARE FOR THE TEST NEXT WEEK!  We will also be continueing our leave collection and native KS tree research which is due Dec. 5th.

Mon - Vocab Prequiz / Notes: temp & time / practice w temperature

Tues - vocab #8 quiz / outside to collect leaves / complete practicing with temperature

Wed - Study Guide for Exam #2 - DUE THURSDAY!

Thurs - Grade study guide / Review game for Unit #2 Exam

Fri - Tree Research online

**UNIT #2 EXAM WILL BE NEXT MON & TUES (11/21 & 11/22)**


11/7/16 We have learned so much... how to measure mass & volume, calculate density and convert unit! We will have a quiz on these Tues. to see exactly where we are, before moving on to temperature and time. We will also begin our next long term project which is a Leaf Collection and Native Tree Research.

Mon - Review practice for quiz

Tues - Density, vol, mass & conversion Quiz / outside for leaf collection if time

Wed - Vocab #8 *DUE TUES W/ QUIZ/ outside for leaf collection

Thurs-VOCAB #8 /  Leaf ID online



10/31/16  We are hard at work on mastering our measuring processes. We will have a vocab quiz on Thursday and this will not be a review, but the only quiz time this week. We will have a Measuring Mass and Converting Metric units quiz on Monday*

Mon - Lab: pumpkin measuring

Tues - Notes: Mass & Density / finish pumpkin measuring lab / begin vocab #7

Wed - Lab: practicing mass / finish vocab #7 *DUE THURSDAY WITH QUIZ*

Thurs - vocab #7 quiz / 

Fri - practice density &  measuring mass and converting metric units *QUIZ ON MONDAY*


10/24/16  Super short week! Parent teacher conferences Mon, tues & thurs...we would LOVE to see you there!!  We are continueing to learn about measuring volume and beginning to measure mass. We did not get to finish our Hummingbird Projects last week, so we will this week.

Mon - H. Bird data graphs and conclusions: DUE WED! 

Tues - Meausuring Displacement Notes and lab practice

Wed - Measuring Mass Notes and lab practice


10/17/16  Short week because of an inservice on Monday. We will be learning to measure volume of regular solids and liquids this week. There will be a vocab quiz of friday. We are also finishing our Hummingbird Longterm Project, since the hummingbirds have migrated south for the winter.

Mon - No School - Teacher Inservice

Tues - vocab #6 *DUE FRIDAY WITH QUIZ / Final H. Bird data collection and begin graphs if time allows

Wed - Notes - volume of regular sided solids / practice: measuring vol. of reg. solids DUE THURSDAY

Thurs - Notes - vol. of liquids / lab practice: reading volumes of liquids

Fri - vocab quiz #6 / vol of liquid practice



10/10/16  This week we are working on accurately measuring length and converting metric units. There is a quiz on friday over measuring and converting.  We also will be checking to see if all the hummingbirds have migrated or if some are still eating.

Mon- H. Bird data collection / measurement practice in cm

Tues - Notes: metric conversions / conversion practice: wksheet #10 DUE Thurs *Quiz on Friday*

Wed - Lab: Measuring Skulls and Shells

Thurs - Grade practice from Tues / Measuring & conversion practice or Prequiz

Fri - Length & Conversion Quiz / H. Bird migration maps from Cornell website / If students passed prequiz for Length & conversion with an A, students will work online and in lab on measuring in the microscope.


10/3/16   Unit #1 exam will be returned and 1/2 points for corrections will be offerred. We are starting a new unit this week, which focuses on Measurement. Our Hummingbird Project will also be continued this week.

Mon - Return Unit #1 exam - CORRECTIONS DUE TUESDAY

Tues - Notes (Ancient Measurements) / begin Voc #5 / Measure room in Ancient Units

Wed - Notes (English Measurements) / finish Voc #5 *DUE FRI WITH QUIZ* / Measure room with English Measurements

Thurs - Plickers Pre-quiz / Notes (Metric Measurements) / Measure room with Metric Measurements

Fri - voc quiz #5 / practice metric measuring pages/ finish Hummingbird color plate


9/26/16 This week will be our last on Scientific Method, which means we have our first unit exam on Friday. There will be no new vocab this week since we will be reviewing and applying our concepts from Unit #1. We are continuing our Hummingbird Field Study.

Mon - Grasses Data Lab (Due Tues)

Tues - Collect H. Bird Data / Conclusion Notes / Graphic Organizer on Scientific Method (Due Wed)

Wed - Study Guide for Exam #1 (Due Thurs)

Thurs - Grade Study Guide / Review Jeopardy Game

Fri - Exam #1


9/19/16 Scientific Method is still our focus this week. We will be finishing our notes and graphic organizers as well as the last set of sci. method vocab. We didn't get to start our Hummingbird Survey last week because of rain, so we will begin this week.

Mon - Hummingbird Data Collection / Notes: Data Analysis and Conclusion 

Tues - Vocab #4 (DUE FRIDAY W/ QUIZ) / graphs: Data Analysis (due wed)

Wed - Notes if not already finished / Graphic Organizer (due thurs)

Thurs - Lab: Collecting Data by measuring native grasses (DUE FRI)

Fri - Testing in ELA / vocab #4 quiz


9/12/16 We are continuing with our Scientific Method, focusing on Data collection and analysis. We will have vocab #3 due on friday with a quiz. We also will be starting our data collection on our Hummingbird Feeder Study.

Mon - voc #2 quiz (catch up) / Monarch Migration Maps & Color Plates (Due Tues)

Tues - vocab #3 definitions due fri w quiz / Mini lab: counting aphids (practicing vocab)

Wed - Notes on Sci Method / Graphic Organizer: Sci Method Due thurs

Thurs - Lab: Data Collection

Fri - vocab #3 quiz / Hummingbird Data Collection


9/5/16  We are starting our Scientific Method / Process unit and will do many different labs and activities to practice using scientific method/process. We have vocab assigned on Tues and due Friday with a quiz. We also will continue to monitor & raise our Monarch and Swallowtail butterfies as well as beginning a new long term project: Hummingbird food consumption and mirgration time.


Tues - Vocab #2 assigned (Due Friday with Quiz) / Designing Scientific Objectives and Hypotheses Activity

Wed - Scientific Method Notes / Complete Monarch Color Plates (Due Friday)

Thurs - Lab: Sink or Float Investigation

Fri - Vocab #2 Quiz / Outside to begin Hummingbird Project


8/29/16  This week we are finishing up our safety understand and agreements, so we can run our first lab in class. *All students must pass the safety quiz with 80% or better AND sign the lab safety contract to qualify to participate in lab.* We also are continuing to monitor the development of our Swallowtails and Monarchs.

Mon - Finish Safety Notes / Cooperative Safety Review " A Day in the Lab"

Tues - Safety Contracts *Must be signed before students can participate in lab* / Kaegan Safety Review

Wed - Safety Quiz *Must be passed with 80% or better to qualify for lab activities* / Monarch and Swallowtail Color ID Plates

Thurs - Penny Lab (if safety lab is passed with 80% or beter)  OR  Safety Review work & retake quiz



8/24/16 The following is the guidelines for success in my classroom. This paper was sent home with your student last week with the request that it be signed by parents and returned to class. Most everyone has returned it, but there are a few still missing.

6th Grade Science

Mrs. Hilgers


Welcome! Science is a window to understanding and investigating our fascinating and amazing world. Gaining a working knowledge of basic scientific concepts and applying them to the world around us is the focus of this class. Success in my class is accomplished by following these simple guidelines:



A. Have the following supplies in class EVERYDAY:

1) Pencils (sharpened before class begins) and/or pens

2) Composition Notebook & Science Folder with assignments

B. Be prepared to think, investigate and ask questions

C. Students should actively participate in their learning by completing all assignments on time, asking thoughtful questions, contributing positively to class discussions, and working collaboratively with their classmates. *If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to

get their makeup work and complete it in the amount of time allotted in the school handbook.


To create a positive learning environment you should treat others so that they feel more confident and comfortable than before you were with them. You must display respectful behavior to your peers, your teachers, yourself, other organisms and classroom property. I have zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior. If you are being disrespectful, the school discipline policy will be followed. We create a positive situation for ourselves and others to learn and grow by our small,  daily choices.


I have high expectations for myself and all of my students. I firmly believe that success is a measure of one’s attitude and work ethic, not one’s aptitude. We can meet any challenge if we think of solutions and work at success.


Anytime that you feel confused, lost, or want additional help PLEASE ASK! You may ask for help in class & zero hour or set up an additional time by contacting me through email or phone.

vhilgers@usd263.org                                                            777-2022


_____________________________                               ______________________________

Parent Signature                                                                  Student Signature

















8/22/16 - Welcome to my 6th grade Science Class! The year is off to a great start, and we have many exciting things planned for the year! On this page I will post the upcoming activities for the week as well as due dates and quiz/test dates. Thank you for so many of the quickly returned class proceedure sheets. If you haven't seen and signed this yet. please ask your student for it. This week we are beginning our long term project to raise collected swallowtails and monarchs; we also are working on our Lab Safety Symbols and rules. Students have to pass their lab safety quiz before they can participate in lab activities.This Safety quiz will be next week. Students have their first vocab quiz this week on friday. Please help them study for this.

Mon - Grade Lab Safety Symbol flip book / observe caterpillars and introduce life stages

Tues - vocab #1 words & definitions *DUE THURSDAY and QUIZ ON THURSDAY* / memory game (safety symbols)

Wed - Safety Notes in comp book / Safety videos

Thurs - Safety Contract / vocab review (quiz-quiz-trade)

Fri - Voc. quiz #1 (safety symbols) / Garden Tour & caterpillar collection