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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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Mrs. Becky Huss                                             

Room 334

Science Teacher for Team 7B

Computer Teacher 1st Hour

Planning hour 10:05- 10:45  M, T, Th, F




                       Our team lesson plans are also available at this link:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eVHW8b5KwLs2wbCc97CZQig9gl_3tMEthlJqHw__-4U/edit#gid=577973472


Online Textbook 


sample login:  mcat1

 password wildcat1


I also put weekly vocabulary words on a website: studystack.com  to find my weekly list search for bhuss. (You don't need an account to use my list).

Classroom Rules


  1. Be in the classroom on time and prepared with all of your supplies.


  1. Be responsible, respectful, and mature in your actions and words.


  1. No candy or pop or food unless given to you as a reward—by me!  Follow the rules with gum!


  1. Leave others people’s “things” alone


  1. Turn in your work on time…even if it is not complete.  A low score is far better than a zero!

What Happens If The Rules Are Broken?


The punishment always depends upon how serious the offense.


Most offenses will be dealt with between you and me following these steps:

1st time: warning

2nd time: private discussion with you, another team teacher, and myself regarding the problem

3rd time: a contact call to Mom &/or Dad regarding the problem

4th time: mark on conduct card


Rules are in place so that all students have the right to learn, they feel safe, and they are treated as they deserve to be treated. 


Respect the rules and you will be a great success!


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