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Asbestos Notice

Date:               JULY 2014

To:                   TO PARENTS OF USD-263


During the 1988-1989 school year, by order of the Mulvane Public Schools, USD-263 completed a survey of all buildings owned or leased by the USD-263 as required by 40 CFR Part 763, Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools Rule. This rule, which was enacted by Congress in 1987, requires all local education agencies to identify the location and condition of all asbestos-containing materials in the schools, and to develop plans to minimize the hazard of airborne asbestos fibers to building occupants.

Each of our facilities was inspected by accredited asbestos inspectors. The inspectors located, sampled, and rated the condition and the potential hazard of all material suspected to contain, or assumed to contain, asbestos.

The inspection reports and laboratory analysis records were turned over to an accredited asbestos management planner who developed an asbestos management plan for each of our facilities. The plans include the inspection report, hazard assessment, and procedures for controlling any hazard that may exist.

Where asbestos is in good condition, as it is in most of our schools, the asbestos has been left in place serving its intended purpose. Every three years an accredited asbestos inspector examines all asbestos-containing materials in buildings owned or leased by the USD-263 to determine its present condition, as required by the above-mentioned Federal Rule. Additionally all asbestos containing materials are inspected again every six months by trained USD 263 maintenance staff. In addition to our regular maintenance, asbestos removal activities have been completed at various sites over the past three years. The criteria for selecting the sites for asbestos abatement are need and budgetary constraints. The three biggest priority conditions that would dictate asbestos removal are those where the damage to the asbestos containing material is un-repairable; where removal of the asbestos is required to make necessary repairs (such as re-piping); and where replacement of equipment (such as boilers) or major building renovations cannot be accomplished until the asbestos is removed. All abatement activities are recorded in the building management plan.

The asbestos management plan of your work / school site is available for your inspection at no cost or restriction. Copies of the plan which are located in the administration office of each school and at the USD-263 business and/or business office can be reviewed during regular school / business hours.  A copy of the plan will be made available upon request for a reasonable fee. Any questions concerning the plan should be directed to the Asbestos Program Manager.

2014-15 Online Enrollment

Returning Students: On Monday, July 7, 2014 you will be able to enroll your student(s), via online enrollment. A Skyward login and password will be necessary to start the enrollment process.  If one has not been acquired, please call the district office for assistance at 777-1102. If you do not have access to a computer, stations will be set up at the district office and the Mulvane Public Library on July 7, 2014. Student Fee Discount: Option 1) The district will offer parents a $10.00 discount on . . . read more

Kansas All-Star Scholars Reward Card Distribution-Additional Information!

Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund will distribute $100.00 reward cards on August 8 th  from 8:00 a.m.-noon  and August 11 th  from 2:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m .  Parents are eligible for one reward card for each K-12 student they have registered in the Mulvane School District.  Distribution will be held at Mulvane High School -1900 N. Rock Rd.  The reward cards are to be used for clothing and school supplies only.  Only a parent or legal guardian will be able to pick up the card(s).  Please bring a . . . read more


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