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Mulvane High School


School hours

7:45am-3:00pm Monday, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays 

8:45am-3:00pm Wednesdays


Important Information

See the daily announcements link for updated dates and events; Check the counseling link for scholarships, college visit dates and other important information.

This week at MHS

The bell schedule can be found on the family handbook link in the high school section on page 53 on this website (High School drop down menu)


April 16, 2014
8:45am 3:00pm MHS - Late Start - Classes begin at 8:45 AM
3:45pm 7:45pm MHS - EsPrit de Corps Auditions

April 17, 2014
TBD   MHS - State Music Festivals/Large Groups
TBD   MHS - KU Relays @ University of Kansas
10:46am 12:24pm MHS - Delivery of Sophomore class ring orders - Balance due at this time.
Cash or money orders made out to Jostens

April 18, 2014
No School   MHS - Students & Staff
TBD   MHS - KU Relays @ University of Kansas

April 19, 2014
TBD   MHS - KU Relays @ University of Kansas

April 21, 2014

3:00pm     MHS - B V BB @ Collegiate
4:00pm     MHS - B JV BB vs Collegiate

April 22, 2014
TBD   MHS - Dinner for Spring Production Cast & Crew & Parent Night
3:30pm     MHS - V & JV TR @ Andover
5:00pm     MHS - G JV SOC @ Circle
6:30pm     MHS - G V SOC @ Circle

April 23, 2014
8:45am 3:00pm MHS - Late Start - Classes begin at 8:45 AM

April 24, 2014
4:00pm     MHS - B V & JV BB vs Buhler 
4:30pm     MHS - G V & JV SB vs Buhler

April 25, 2014
9:30am 9:54am MHS - STUCO Elections
3:30pm     MHS - V & JV TR @ Clearwater
5:00pm     MHS - JV G SOC vs Winfield
6:30pm 8:00pm MHS - V G SOC vs Winfield
7:30pm     MHS - Spring Production

April 26, 2014
TBD   MHS - State Music Festival/Solos & Small Ensembles
7:30pm     MHS - Spring Production

April 27, 2014
5:00pm 7:00pm MHS - STUCO Senior Citizen Prom

April 28, 2014
4:00pm     MHS - B V & JV BB @ ElDorado
4:30pm     MHS - G V & JV SB @ ElDorado
5:00pm     MHS - G JV SOC @ Augusta
6:30pm     MHS - G V SOC @ Augusta
7:00pm     BOE Meeting
Meeting dates/time subject to change

April 29, 2014
3:00pm     MHS - B V GLF @ Clearwater (Clearwater CC)
3:30pm     MHS - JV TR @ Augusta

April 30, 2014
TBD   MHS - Wildcat Talent Show
8:45am 3:00pm MHS - Late Start - Classes begin at 8:45 AM



Finals are 15% of the semester grade!

Students may not take a day off the week of finals (May 19-23) without a note from a professional (doctor’s note, dentist etc) all other absences will be listed as unexcused

***Students will be given the opportunity to check grades and attendance the week prior to finals. These grades are not the final grades in the course but the grade that will be used to determine finals exemption, however any tests or assignments given during finals week may cause a student’s grade to change resulting in a final. If a student is not in advisory or absent when grades are checked, it is the student's responsibility to check grades, visit with the teacher, and know if they are to take finals.

  • Thursday, May 22nd  (DAY 1)  (75 minute classes)
    • 1st Hour- 7:45am-8:55am
    • 2nd Hour-9:05am-10:20am
    • 4th Hour-10:30am-11:45
    • 5th Hour- 11:50-1:35 (5 minute passing period due to lunch)
      • A Lunch 11:45-12:20 (Class time: 12:25-1:35)
      • B Lunch  12:20-12:55 (class time: 11:50-12:20, 12:55-1:35)
    • 6th hour-1:45-3:00

A lunch: Ashworth, Baerg, Hunt, Dorsey, Heath, Howe, Jansen, Johnson, Milledge, Myers, Nooney, Pinkerton, Stranathan, Streff-Collignon, Woods, Brull, Butts, Dempsey, Jacobs, Newbury, Niebuhr, Perkins,

B Lunch: Fox, Hansen, Cline, Kloth, Landes, Nelson, Shephard, Abasolo, Banzet, Copeland-Baker, Dieker, Fennewald, Haxton, Kerschen, Kinley, Kraft, Miller, Mitchell, Myears, Sneeringer, Terhune, Whisler

  • Friday, May 23st   (DAY 2)  (75 minute classes)
    • 7th Hour- 7:45am-8:55am
    • 8th Hour-9:05am-10:20am
    • Advisory-MAKE-UP hour-10:20 pm—11:15 (Time to finish any unfinished/missed finals, complete any outstanding assignments, finish detention time. Students with any of these obligations are required to attend) those owing detention must report to the office.

Who is exempt from taking finals?

  • Students who have not missed more than one day of school during the 2nd  semester (The only exceptions to this is for school activities)
  • Have a B or higher in the class
  • AND
  • Have not spent any time in IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION/OR OSS for any reason
  • AND 
  • Have not earned a 4th tardy (or more) in the class

*FINALS MAY NOT BE TAKEN EARLY FOR ANY REASON: If there is a situation that can not be avoided a parent must make arrangements with Mrs. Wilson to arrange a time to complete the final, prior to Wednesday, May 16th..  The Make-Up Days will be by arrangement May 27-28

Failure to attend for a final will result in an automatic zero on the final



Welcome to the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League!

Visit www.AVCTL.org and select Mulvane 

for complete schedules, scores, and much more!  

Sign up for updates to be sent to you 

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Click here for the: Parent Setup Guide



Are you a High Achieving Student?

Mulvane High School offers the following Advanced Placement and Honors Courses 

AP Biology, AP Literature and Composition, AP Spanish, AP Calculus A, AP Statistics, AP American History, Honors Algebra II and Honors Geometry.

 MHS also has a partnership with Cowley County Community College to offer the following Dual Credit College Courses: 

Composition 1, Composition 2, College Algebra, Public Speaking, and General Psychology; other courses by arrangement second semester.(All subject to the classes "making"). MHS has also developed a partnership with Butler County Community College for the early health academy program.



Bullying Prevention and Reporting

Click on these Articles and Forms for Information

Understanding the Differences in Bullying

USD 263 Bullying Report Form

If you are a victim or witness to bullying, please report it to the administration.

Don't stand by and let it continue.

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