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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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1/14 to 1/18

Classroom Rules & Expectations


Lesson plan for week of 1/14 to 1/18


8th Science Vocabulary Words:  Genes, Alleles, Dominant Allele,

Recessive Allele, Hybrids

Science Enrichment Vocabulary Words:  Bone Marrow, Cartilage, Joint, Ligament, Osteoporosis


Monday 1/14


Introduce weekly vocabulary words.

Review probability investigation.

Finish genetics SQ4R & section questions.

Sec. 3-2 notes over heterozygous & homozygous.

Sec. 3-2 notes over dominance.

Work on phenotype and genotype investigation.

Science Enrichment

Introduce weekly vocabulary words.

Review human body diagrams.

Sec. 2-2 notes over bone & joint injuries.

X-Ray quiz.

Sec. 2-3 notes over muscular system and types.

Start on chapter worksheet packet.

Bones, muscles & skin SQ4R & section questions due.


Tuesday 1/15


Heterozygous & homozygous investigation.

Work on phenotype & genotype Investigation.

Genetics SQ4R & section questions due.

Science Enrichment

Start chicken wing dissection.


Wednesday 1/16


Review part I of SQ4R & section question assignment.

Sec. 3-3 notes over inheritance.

Video clip.

Phenotype & genotype investigation due.

Work on homozygous & heterozygous investigation.

Science Enrichment

Finish chicken wing dissection.

Start on sec. 2-3 notes over how muscles move bones.


Thursday 1/17


Review part II SQ4R & section questions assignment.

Heterozygous & homozygous investigation due.

Finish trait investigation.

Sec. 3-3 notes over mitosis.

Video clip.

Start on sec. 3-3 notes over meiosis.

Science Enrichment

Review bones, muscles & skin SQ4R & section questions.

Sec. 2-3 notes over how muscles move your bones.

Video clip.

Work on chicken wing dissection investigation.


Friday 1/18


Weekly vocabulary word quiz.

Review genotype & phenotype investigation.

Trait investigation due.

Sec. 3-3 notes over meiosis.

Video clip.

Sec. 3-3 notes over chromosomes.

Science Enrichment

Weekly vocabulary word quiz;

Chicken wing dissection due.

Sec. 2-4 notes over skin.

Work on chapter worksheet packet.