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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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9/16 to 9/20


Classroom Rules


Lesson plan for week of 9/16 to 9/20


8th Science Vocabulary Words:  Temperature, Heat, Cold,

Significant Figures, Graphs

Science Enrichment Vocabulary Words:  Enzyme, Epiglottis,

Esophagus, Peristalsis, Stomach


Monday 9/16


Introduce weekly vocabulary words.

Review temperature conversion investigation.

Sec. 2-1 notes over significant figures.

Start on scientific notation & significant figures worksheet.

Finish heat absorption investigation.

Start on sec. 2-3 notes over graphing.

Science Enrichment

Introduce weekly vocabulary words.

Iron digestion investigation.


Tuesday 9/17


Heat absorption investigation due.

Sec. 2-3 notes over graphing.

Finish scientific notation & significant figures worksheet.

Start on sec. 3-1 notes over technology.

Start on introduction to science chapter quiz.

Science Enrichment

Review bones, muscles & skin chapter quiz.

Finish iron digestion investigation.


Wednesday 9/18


Review heat absorption investigation

Sec. 3-1 notes over technology.

Work on introduction to science chapter quiz.

Start on introduction to science chapter test review.

Science Enrichment

Work on iron digestion investigation conclusion.

Sec. 3-3 notes over parts of the digestion system.

Video clip.

Start on sec. 3-3 notes over chemical digestion.


Thursday 9/19


Clickers review.

Review for introduction to science chapter test.

Finish chapter quiz and test review.

Science Enrichment

Digestive & circulatory systems SQ4R & section questions due.

Finish iron digestion investigation.

Sec. 3-3 notes over chemical digestion.

Sec. 3-3 notes over esophagus.


Friday 9/20


Weekly vocabulary word quiz.

Introduction to science chapter quiz due.

Scientific notation & significant figures worksheet due.

Introduction to science chapter test.

Science Enrichment

Weekly vocabulary word quiz.

Review part I of digestive & circulatory systems SQ4R & section questions.

Iron digestion investigation due.

Sec. 3-3 notes over the stomach.

Video clip.


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