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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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4/24 to 4/28

Classroom Rules & Expectations



Lesson plan for week of 4/24 to 4/28


8th Science Vocabulary Words:  Predation, Symbiosis, Mutualism,

Commensalism, Parasitism


Science Enrichment Vocabulary Words:  Dendrite, Axon,

Sensory Neuron, Interneuron, Motor Neuron 


Monday 4/24


Make up vocabulary quiz from last week.

Introduce weekly vocabulary words.

Review unknown substance investigation.

Sec. 1-2 notes over limiting factors.

Start on science & society assignment over animal overpopulation.

Science Enrichment

Introduce weekly vocabulary words.

Reaction time investigation.

Tuesday 4/25


Limiting factor investigation.

Work on animal overpopulation assignment.

Science Enrichment

Work on reaction time investigation.

Finish review smoking information assignment.

Nervous system SQ4R & section questions due.

Sec. 7-1 notes over types of neurons.

Video clip.


Wednesday 4/26


Finish animal overpopulation assignment.

Discuss BP disaster and effect on gulf.

Work on limiting factor investigation graphs.

Sec. 1-2 notes over weather as a limiting factor.

Video clip.

Discuss the effects of the Dust Bowl.

Science Enrichment

Sec. 7-1 notes over synaptic gap.

Finish reaction time investigation.

Sec. 7-2 notes over cns.

Video clip.

Start on human body diagrams.

Thursday 4/27


Discuss 3 rules to survival.

Review part I of chapter worksheet packet.

Sec. 1-3 notes over adaptations.

Finish limiting factors investigation.

Start on sec. 1-3 notes over natural selection & niches.

Animal overpopulation assignment due.

Science Enrichment

Review part I of nervous system SQ4R & section questions.

Sec. 7-2 notes over parts of the brain.

Video clip.

Prepare for brain and spinal cord dissections.

Finish human body diagrams.

Reaction time investigation.


Friday 4/28


Weekly vocabulary word quiz.

Set up gravity & growth investigation.

Review part II of chapter worksheet packet.

Sec. 1-3 notes over natural selection & niches.

Start on sec. 1-3 notes over animal interactions.

Limiting factor investigation due.

Science Enrichment

Weekly vocabulary word quiz.

Spinal cord & brain dissection.


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