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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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Welcome to Mrs. Kraft's Art room

Classroom Expectations

1. Treat everyone with Respect.

2. Leave Attitudes at the door.

3. Be safety conscious at all times.

4. Be in assigned seat before bell rings.

5. Listen when instructor and or peer is talking.

6. No candy, drinks or gum permitted in the art room.

Grading Policy

Art grade consists of art projects, art sketches (6th, 7th and 8th), and participation in class.

All art projects, sketches, and journals will have a due date. Projects must be handed in on due date, if student plans on being gone during that time they must turn them in before.

Parents please check with student when art sketches are due, they have a syllabus with the dates. I will also post on Skyward due dates for sketches.

I am looking forward to a great year of creativity, problem solving and fun.


Art Sketch Guidelines

Must be completed on plain paper that is 8”x11” in size. (No lined paper) Must show appropriate subject matter. Must be drawn at home, or if you are finished with a project and there is extra time you may work on it in class. NO working on sketches in class if project is not done. If visual aid is used that is fine, looking at a picture or object is great. Tracing or using a picture that has been done by another artist is not!!!You may use any medium to color your sketches; crayons, colored pencils, pastels, etc.  If using strictly pencil or pen, drawing must be fully shaded. NO plain LINE drawing. Fill the WHOLE page with your drawing. Your object or objects must be “tied down”, this means NO FLOATING OBJECTS..

Sketches may be turned in to the appropriate folder up to two weeks early, but NO late sketches or sketches with no names will be accepted...NO exceptions. If you are going to be gone on the due date, be prepared to hand it in early. All sketches must have your name, grade level, and number of sketch on them or a grade of ZERO will be given. These art sketches are assigned each nine weeks. The individual due date for each sketch is for the student to keep on schedule. It is your responsibility to check what your sketch is and when it is due.

Nine Weeks: 6th GRADE


April 24  #2 Sketch - (Draw a pop can in a container) using Line Shape, Texture, Value, Form

May 15  #3 Sketch - (Draw a pop can in a container floating in an environment that is hot) using Line, Shape, Texture, Form Space, Color  


Nine Weeks: 7th GRADE

Jan. 24   #1 Sketch - Pencil, (Draw a chair), using Line Shape, Texture, Value 

Feb. 7  #2 Sketch - Pen, (Draw a chair in a room), using Line Shape, Texture, Value, Form 

Feb. 28 #3 Sketch - Pen and colored Pencil, (Draw a chair on the ceiling, in the kitchen), using Line Shape, Texture, Form, Space, Color. 

Second Nine Weeks: 7th GRADE


April 24  #5 Sketch Pen, (Draw a design on a dish), using Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Form 

May 15     #6 Sketch Pen and colored pencil, (Draw a design on a dish as a place setting), using Line,  Shape, Texture, Form, Space, Color.


Nine Weeks: 8th GRADE

Jan. 24 -   #1 sketchPen (Draw a clock), using Line, Shape, Texture, Value

Feb. 7-   #2 sketchPencil (Draw a clock in or on a face), using Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Form,

Feb. 28-   #3 sketchPen and pencil (Draw a clock in or on a face on a paint container), Using Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Form, Space, Color

Second Nine Weeks: 8th GRADE

April 3-    OMIT

April 24-  # 5 sketch Pen, (Draw a design on a dish) using Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Form

May 15  # 6 sketch Pen and colored pencil, (Draw a design on a dish as a place setting), using Line, Shape, Texture, Form, Space, Color