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Mulvane School District USD 263



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iPad Acceptable Use Policies and Guidelines

School Board Approved on May 14, 2018

The focus of the iPad program for Mulvane USD 263 is to provide tools and resources to the 21st Century Learner. Excellence in education requires that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the educational program. Increasing access to technology is essential for that future, and one of the learning tools of the 21st century is the iPad.

The Technology Acceptable Use Policies of Mulvane USD 263 and the signed Staff Network/Internet Use Agreement apply to the iPad.  All staff must adhere to Technology Acceptable Use Policies found on the district website:   www.usd263.com.

iPads are issued to staff/teachers, but remain property of Mulvane USD 263.  The staff member/teacher is responsibility for care and good judgment when using iPads.

Mulvane USD 263 is pleased to integrate iPad technology and the vast range of applications available to our district.  All staff/teachers are required to adhere to the following Technology Acceptable Use Policies that are specific to the iPad. 


  1. The iPad is assigned to the staff member/teacher for the duration of his/her employment by Mulvane USD 263 or until it is removed from district inventory.  The iPad must be surrendered to Mulvane USD 263 in appropriate working condition immediately upon termination of employment or at the request of the Technology Director or designee.
  2. No application or other software will be installed on a district iPad without authorization of the building administrator or building designee.
  3. Notification of each authorized installation must be documented for the technology department by submitting a technology help ticket using the “iPad App” “Request Type”. 
  4. The iPad is an instructional device.  Selected applications that are installed on any district iPad must align with Mulvane USD 263’s educational purpose.
  5. The iPad may be taken home by the staff member/teacher.
  6. The iPad is sensitive to moisture and extreme heat. It must not be left in a car or location where it will be damaged and must be kept dry and away from sources of water such as sinks, bathtubs and pools.
  7. Every effort will be made to prolong the condition of the iPad.  For example, to extend the battery life of the iPad, do not constantly charge it. It is best to let the battery drain before recharging.
  8. iTunes accounts for any iPad are not managed by Mulvane USD 263.  The Technology Acceptable Use Policies outline the district’s Limitation of Liability related to the loss of personal financial data.  This limitation is extended to include any applications or iTunes related products and services.
  9. iPads may be selected at random for inspection to confirm compliance to all Technology Acceptable Use Policies.
  10. Any physical damage, intentional or not, to the iPad will be reported to the district Technology Director or designee immediately.
  11. The staff member/teacher listed below understands that if she/he is found to be the cause of deliberate damage or loss of the iPad she/he will be responsible for repair/replacement cost not to exceed an amount of $1,200.00.

Staff User Agreement:

I hereby agree to comply with the statements and expectations outlined in this document and to honor all relevant laws and restrictions.


Serial number and model number of the iPad I am now responsible for and in possession of:  


Serial #:  ______________________________ Model #:  ______________________________


Staff Signature __________________________________________ Date ________________________


Staff member name: (PLEASE PRINT) ____________________________________________________ 


Assigned building/school:  ______________________________________________________________