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Mulvane School District USD 263



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USD 263 Immunization Requirements

K.A.R. 28-1-20 defines immunizations required for any individual who attends school or a childcare program operated by a school. Each student enrolled in Mulvane Public Schools must file documentation of his or her immunization status. This is done by providing a copy of immunization records or filing a Kansas Certificate of Immunization (KCI) form signed by a physician or local Health Department official. All students entering Mulvane Public Schools must have completed the full series of required immunizations and a health assessment form in order to enroll in school. The required series consists of:

• 5 DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) The Tdap booster is required at 11 years of age if more than 2 yrs since previous dose. All students in the 7th-12th grades are required to have 1 dose of Tdap regardless of the interval since the last dose of Td (tetanus/diphtheria). This is to improve pertussis (whooping cough) immunity due to increasing outbreaks. 
• 4 OPV (oral polio)-The last dose of the OPV inoculations must have been received after the fourth birthday.

• 2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella); state mandate requires student to have a total of two.
• A tetanus booster is required ten years after the last DPT.
• 2 varicella (chicken pox) or proof of prior varicella disease is provided. (1 prior to preschool and 2nd prior to Kindergarten)
• Hepatitis B series vaccination. 
• 3 Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) required for children less than 5 yrs of age in early childhood programs.
• 4 PCV7 (Pneumococcal conjugate) required for children less than 5 yrs of age in early childhood programs.
• 2 Hepatitis A  The state requires children to have a total of 2 doses.

• Meningococcal-Serogroup A,C,W,Y (MenACWY): Two doses required. Doses should be given at entry to 7th grade (11-12 years) and 11th grade (16-18 years). For children 16-18 years, with no previous MenACWY, only one dose is required. 

Medical or religious exemptions are the only legal alternatives allowed by the state and must be filed with the school annually. Children who are exempt from immunizations will be excluded from school in the event of an outbreak or suspected case of vaccine preventable disease.

Please Note: Any new students coming into the District will have 90 days to provide us with such information. Current students with incomplete or no immunization records after 90 days will be excluded from school.