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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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4/6 to end of semester


Classroom Rules


Lesson plan for 4/6 to the end of semester.

8th Grade Science

Anatomy and Physiology


You will be expected to watch 3 SciShow videos (for A&P students you will need to watch 1 video that deals with the human body) per week.  You will need to create a document and type out in complete sentences, 10 things you learned after watching each video.  Your document will need to be attached (or copied & pasted) and emailed to me by 3:05 on Friday to receive credit (no HCP).


To find the videos, complete the following steps:


1.)  Go to google.


2)  Type Scishow YouTube into search browser.


3.)  Scroll down to Scishow – YouTube


4.)  Click on:  About in SciShow . video


5.)  Select video you would like to watch.



Include the following information when completing your Scishow video summary:


1.)  Name of the video.


2.)  Length of the video.


3.)  10 complete summary sentences.


Looking forward to seeing all of the neat things you have learned each week from the videos you watch and summarize.







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