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Mulvane School District USD 263

Board of Education


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Section C Table of Contents

General School Administration

CA-Goals and Objectives of School Administration

CB-Administrator Ethics [The Administrator]

CD-Administrative Line and Staff Relations (See GACA and GACB)

CE-Superintendent of Schools

CEA-Superintendent Qualifications

CEB-Superintendent's Duties

CEC-Superintendent Recruitment

CED-Superintendent Communication with the Board

CEE-Compensation and Benefits

CEF-Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards (See CG, GAN, and KB)

CEG-Superintendent's Professional Development Opportunities

CEI-Evaluating the Superintendent (See CGI and GAK)

CEJ-Nonrenewing or Terminating the Superintendent's Contract


CF-Board-Superintendent Relations (See BBC)

CG-Administrative Personnel [Compensation Guides and Contracts, Qualifications and Duties, Recruitment, Assignment, Orientation, Supervision, Administrative Intern Program, Travel Expense and Reimbursement] (See CEF, GAN, and KB)

CGI-Administrator Evaluation (See CEI and GAK)


CJ-Hiring Consultants (See BBG, CL, and ID)

CK-Professional Development Opportunities

CL-Administrative Teams [Method of Appointment, Organization, Resources, Financial] (See BBG, CJ, and ID)

CM-Policy Implementation (See BDA, CGK, GAA, and JA)

CN-Public Records [Types of Records, Central Office Records, Building Records, Public Access, Copies of Records, Disposition] (See BE, CNA, ECAHAI, IDAE, IIJGGA, and JR)

CNA-Alternate code for CYA Document Production, Including Electronic Information [Destroying Documents] (See BCBK, BE, CN, ECA, IDAE, II, JGGA, JRand KBA)

CO-Reports [Types of Reports- Annual, Budget Reports, Disseminating Reports] (See BCBK)

CYA-Document Production Including Electronic Information (See BCBK, BE, CN, ECA, IDAE, II, JGGA, JR, and KBA)

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