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Mulvane School District USD 263

Board of Education


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Section E Table of Contents

Business Management

EA-Goals and Objectives

EB-Buildings and Grounds Management

EBA-Insurance Program [Liability Other Than For Vehicles]

EBB-Safety [Safety Rules, Safety Unit, Warning System, Safety Inspections, Heating and Lighting] (See JBH)

EBBA-Hazardous Waste Inspection and Disposal [Inspection, Disposal, Rules]

EBBD-Evacuations and Emergencies [School-Closing Announcements, Bomb Threats, Planning for Emergencies] (See EBBF and JBH)

EBBE-Emergency Drills

EBBF-Crisis Planning (See EBBD)

EBC-Security and Safety [Reporting Crimes at School to Law Enforcement, Reporting Certain Students to Administrators and Staff, Annual Reports, Staff Immunity] (See JCAC, JCDBB, JDD, JDDB, JDDC, and KGD)

EBCA-Vandalism [Vandalism Protection, Restitution for Damages, Return of School Property, Offering a Reward]

EBI-Long-Range Maintenance Program


EC-Equipment and Supplies Management [Receiving]

ECA-HIPAA Policy [Staff Training Required, Compliance Required] (See BCBK, BE, CN, CYA, IDAE, JRand JRB)

ECH-Printing and Duplicating Services [Copyright Regulations and "Fair Use" Rules for Educators] (See IIBG and KBA)

ED-Student Transportation Management (See EDDA and JGG)

EDAA-School Buses and Vehicles [Liability, Safety, Speed Limits, Safety Inspection, Scheduling and Routing, Records, Licensing of Drivers, Housing of School Vehicles, Transportation to Summer Athletic Events] (See ED, JBCA and JGG)

EDDA-Special Use of School Buses (See ED)

EE-Food Services Management [Sanitation Inspections, Records, Meal Prices, Free and Reduced Price Meals, Unpaid Meal Charges]

EF-Data Management [Data Dissemination, To Education Agencies]

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