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Mulvane School District USD 263

Board of Education


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Section I Table of Contents

Instructional Program

IA-Philosophy-Mission Statement (See GBU and IKB)

IB-School Site Councils [Bylaws] (See KA)

IC-Educational Program [Curricular Offerings, Educational Goals and Objectives, Additional Educational Programs](See ID, IDAA, IDAB, IDAC, and IJ)

ICA-Pilot Projects [Pilot Project Evaluation, Student Surveys] (See IDAE)

ICAA-Teaching Methods (See ICA, IDAE, II, IJ)

ID-Instructional Program [Modification, Personnel, Financial Resources, Evaluation] (See BBG, CJ, CL, and IJ)

IDAA-Special Programs [Partnerships/Work-Study Program] (See AEB, IC, and JJ)

IDAB-Support Programs [Drug Education, Student Mental Health, Dropout Prevention, At-Risk Students, Guidance, Homebound Instruction] (See IC and LDD)

IDAC-Exceptional Programs (See IC)

IDACA-Special Education Services [Child Find, Identification, and Eligibility, Actions and Due Process for Students]

IDACB-Section 504 Accommodations for Students

IDAD-Title I Programs [Annual Parent Meeting] [Regulation-Title I Programs: Parental Involvement Encouraged, Activities to Enable Parental Participation, Scheduling for Parents' Convenience, Annual Evaluation, Form-Title I Parent Involvement: Policy Development Meetings]

IDAE-Student Privacy Policy [Student Data Restrictions, Student Data Security Breach, Biometric Data, Select Student Surveys] [Regulation-Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment: Surveys- Parental Inspection Rights, Written Permission Required, Physical Examinations, Parental Rights: Marketing Information, Release of Information-FERPA Rights] (See BCBK, ICA, ICAA, II, and JR)

IDCE-College Classes [Concurrent Enrollment] (See JBE and JQ)


IE-Instructional Arrangements [Class Size, Scheduling for Instruction, Pre-enrollment]

IEB-Charter Schools

IF-Textbooks, Instructional Materials & Media Centers [Selection Criteria: Textbooks and Instructional Materials, Selection Criteria: Media Center Materials, Collection Development, Challenges of Materials, Composition of Review Committee, Purview of Review Committee, Written Report, Board Review And Action, Removing Challenged Materials, Impact of Simultaneous Requests] (See IKD and KN)

IFBH-Outside Speakers (See IKB)

IFC-Community Resources (See KFD)

IFCB-Field Trips [USD Approved Field Trips, Non-Sanctioned Field Trips]

IFCC-Overnight Accommodations [Definitions, Notice to Parents]

IHA-Grading System


IHEA-Make-Up Opportunities (See JBD and JDD)

IHF-Graduation Requirements (See JFCA)

II-Educational Testing Programs [Test Integrity, Reporting Test Results] (See BCBK, BE, CN, CYA, IDAE, IJ, JF, and KBA)

IIA-Performance-Based Credits [Graduation Credit Through Integrated Coursework, Credit Through Alternative Educational Opportunities, Eligibility Requirements for Sponsoring Entities, Requirements for the Provision of Alternative Educational Opportunities, Processes for Submitting a Proposal for an Additional Educational Opportunity, Criteria for Evaluating Such Proposals, Determining the Course Credit that May be Earned Through These Opportunities, State Reporting Requirements]

IIBG-Computer Use [Use of District Computers/Privacy Rights, Copyright, Installation, Hardware, Audits, E-mail Privacy Rights, Ownership of Employee Computer Materials] (See ECH, JCDA, and KBA)

IIBGA-Children's Internet Protection Act

IIBGB-On-Line Learning Opportunities [Application, Guideline, Other Regulations or Guidelines]

IIBGC-Staff Online Activities (See GAF, GBU, IIBG, IIBGA, KGA)

IJ-Evaluation of Instructional Program (See IC, ICAA, ID, and II)

IJA-Free and Appropriate Public Education Provisions

IKB-Controversial Issues (See GBU, IA, IFBH)

IKCA-Human Sexuality and AIDS Education [Opt-Out Procedure and Form, Opt-Out Form, Annual Request Required, Notice of Availability]

IKD-Religion in Curricular or School Sponsored Activities [Teaching About Religion, Religion in the Curriculum and School Activities, Religious Symbols in the Classroom, Religious Holidays, Graduation and Other Ceremonies] (See AEA, IF, IKDA, and KN)

IKDA-Religious Objections to Activities (See IKD)


IKI-Lesson Plans

ING-Animals and Plants in the School



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