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Mulvane School District USD 263

Board of Education


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Section K Table of Contents

General Public Relations

KA-Goals and Objectives (See IB)

KB-Public Information Programs [Newsletters and other Media] (See CEE, CEF, and KBA)

KBA-District or School Websites [Website Rules] (See DB, DC, ECHIDAE, II, IIBGJBC, JRand KB)

KBC-Media Relations [Broadcasting and Taping, News Releases, Conferences and Interviews]

KCA-Protection of Privacy Rights

KCB-Custodial and Non-Custodial Parent Rights

KDC-Solicitations (See GAI)

KFD-School Volunteers (See GAOE and IFC)

KG-Use of School Facilities by Community Groups [Use in Accordance with Board Policies, Fees and Rental Charges, Lease Arrangements, Supervision of Non-School Groups, Insurance and/or Bonds] (See DFG and JH)

KGA-Use of District Personal Property and Equipment [Personal Use]

KGB-Concealed Observations (See JGGA)

KGC-Bullying by Parents (See EBC, GAAE, JDDC, and KGD)

KGD-Disruptive Acts at School or School Activities [Possession of a Firearm] (See EBC, GAAE, JCDBB, JDDC, and KGC)

KGDA-Public Conduct on School Property

KH-Gifts to Schools (See GAJ and JL)

KI-Distributing Materials in Schools [Materials Produced by Outside Groups--Including Religious Materials, Political Campaign Materials, Advertising in the Schools, Mailing Lists] (See JHCA, JK, and JR)

KK-Disposal of District Property [Disposal of a School District Building] (See DFM)

KM-Visitors to the School

KMA-Tobacco-Free School Grounds for Visitors (See GAOC and JCDAA)

KN-Complaints [General Complaints, Informal Procedures, Formal Complaint Procedures, Appeal Procedures, Complaints About Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Complaints About Discrimination or Discriminatory Harassment Not on the Basis of Sex, Complaints Concerning Child Nutrition Programs, Complaints About Policy, Complaints About Curriculum, Complaints About Instructional Materials, Complaints About Facilities and Services, Complaints About Personnel, Complaints About Emergency Safety Intervention Use, Complaints About School Rules] (See BCBI, GAACGAACA, GAAB, GAAF, IF, IKD, JCEJGEC, JGECAand KNA)

KNA-Complaints Regarding Child Nutrition Program [Complaints About Discrimination in Child Nutrition Programs]

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