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Mulvane School District USD 263

Middle School


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Classroom Expectations


  1. Beginning of class:

    1. Tardy: A student is tardy if they are either not in the classroom when the bell rang or in the classroom but not in their seat when the bell rang. For every 3 tardies, students will receive a mark on their card.

    2. Absent: Students are responsible for obtaining work missed during their absence. Students must make arrangements to make up tests, quizzes, etc. outside of regular class time. If a student knows they will be absent in advance, it is advised that they ask for homework prior to being absent.

    3. Materials: agenda, pencil, homework, book

    4. Seating: Students may sit in any desk they choose, however they will be moved if deemed necessary by the teacher.

  2. During class:

    1. Whole Group Instruction: Students should sit with their head up, paying attention, taking notes, and participating in class discussions.

    2. Seatwork: Students should work quietly by themselves. Anyone needing help should raise his/her hand and wait for assistance.

    3. Leaving During Class: During lectures, students should only leave due to an emergency. During non-lecture time, students may leave with teacher permission, as notated in their agenda book. Any student caught without an agenda book in the hallway will have their card marked.

  3. End of Class:

    1. Materials- All materials should be put away prior to leaving the classroom.

    2. The teacher dismisses students, not the bell!

  4. Homework/Assignments

    1. Heading: Students should include on EVERY paper their first and last name, the date, and the assignment name.

    2. Due dates: Assignments are due at the start of class the next day unless otherwise specified by the teacher.

    3. Late assignments: Any student with a late assignment may attend HCP following school that day only. Homework completed through HCP will be graded at full-credit, if turned in to the HCP teacher on the same day the assignment was late. Assignments that are 1 day late will be graded for ½ credit. Assignments that are later than 1 day late will receive a 0.

    4. Early Finishers: If you finish your work early you are to work on other homework, study/review notes, and read. No Exceptions!

    5. Study Skills: Students are expected to fill out their agenda book and get it signed by a parent/guardian a minimum of 1x per week.

    6. Study Skills: Students are expected to read aloud to an adult and get their reading log signed for a minimum of 1 hour per week.

  5. Other

    1. Emergency Drills: Students are to line up at the door quickly and quietly and await further instruction. Escape routes are posted by the door.

    2. Intercom/Phone: Students should freeze when the phone or intercom come on.

    3. Cheating: Cheating will NOT be tolerated. Any student caught cheating will receive an automatic 0 and have their card marked.

    4. Sub: Students must be on their best behavior whilst we have a substitute teacher. Any student misbehaving will have his/her card marked, detention, etc. as deemed necessary by the teacher and administration.

  6. Grades

        90-100     A

        80-89       B

        70-79       C

        60-69       D

        50 or less F